Throughout the Managing Partner’s Careers and along with their representative companies Chris Cavallo and Luis Carlos Diaz have been engaged in many newsworthy success stories.


The following are just a few…

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Provided Security Infrastructure for one of the largest and most prestigious Detention Centers in the Southern US during the Mariel Boatlift the INS Khrome Avenue Detention Center.

Assembled the Largest Private Security Force for a Visiting Pope in Miami, Florida.

Created several Designs for Safe City Projects. This “business model” has been used in several cities Internationally and furthered the development of how wireless technologies are now used throughout LA.

Designed database programs that cross-referenced employees movement throughout their perspective industries. Similar to Merchant Associations but with targeted and regulated industries such as Gaming, Retail Airlines,Transportation, Healthcare and Utilities.

Created a National Transportation Model to track all Cargo containers in one Latin America country providing actual location of trailer and driver as well as live communication, audio and video. Once fully deployed this will be the largest tracking deployment in Latin America.

Assisted in Developing and have been active in Not for Profits throughout the Americas.

Developed and under Development multiple successful Commercial Real Estate Projects to be used as Large Office Buildings, Hotels, Mixed Use Projects, Vacation Resorts and Residential Communities in Colombia.