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Chris Cavallo has been a Florida Licensed Investigator for over 25 years with an established Global network of investigators who have the ability to undertake most assignments that are requested.

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One of the areas of Cavallo and Associates expertise is in Security and Investigation Services with broad based capabilities and has operated their various companies in the US for the past 35 yrs. Cavallo and Associates specializes in such area as:

Security Audits, Covert Investigations, Criminal and Civil Investigations, Undercover Operations, Surveillances, Child Custody, Drug Interdiction, Theft, Fraud, Missing Persons, Executive Protection, Travel Escort/Private Driver and Security Consulting services for Individuals, small, mid size, large corporations and Government as well.

Cavallo and Associates team of Investigators also have in depth knowledge of Background Screening of individuals, International Investigations and are considered subject matter experts in several areas of practice.

In the last 15 years Cavallo & Associates has extended their operations into the Caribbean, LA region, Europe and beyond; and can provide the same services mentioned previously in these areas as well.

This organization has a Global Investigative Network that reaches every continent so there are very few places that Cavallo and Associates cannot operate in or access information from.

Most of the firm’s Investigators have either prior Law Enforcement experience or have individual specialties in the areas of services that Cavallo and Associates provides.

This company believes that their integrity and reputation is not only based on their 35 yrs. + experience but also being honest, totally committed to the attention to detail that every client receives from their Team of experts and the results that are expected! Cavallo & Associates’ Goal is always to have Complete Customer Satisfaction!

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