Cavallo & Associates once primarily a consulting firm for Security, Technology and Real Estate Development has been very quickly recognized as a “go to company” for Energy consulting services. Luis has recently guided many large companies in Colombia and has created multiple “Energy Saving Programs” to benefit their particular needs. The Americas like the rest of the world is moving in the direction of Green Energy/Clean Energy and without the proper knowledge and” know how” more money can be spent or invested in systems, products and or solutions that could be more costly then what they really need or want. Just like the “Technology Bubble” the “Green Bubble” can be very costly without the availability of sound expertise such as Luis and his team of Energy Experts bring to their clients. Cavallo and Associates brings all of the necessary knowledge and highly competitive pricing to any Energy Project whether its a manufacturing facility, office building/hotel, arena or any size facility and will offer any new client a FREE CONSULTATION, Contact us.


Luis Carlos over the last 15 years because of his own country’s challenges regarding the continued raising costs of Energy has become an expert in this sector.

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Solar technologies are represented as either passive or active solar . The most widely used and recognized solar technologies is photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors which harness the energy and distribute. Passive solar techniques involve the construction and design of a Building using the Sun and materials which create thermal mass or using light dispersing properties, and ensure that the infrastructure of the building is designed so it can naturally circulate air. It is well recognized around the world that the global benefits will far outweigh the on going economic dependability on fossil fuels, and reduce pollution.

Most countries throughout the Americas are passing on huge tax benefits for those citizens and corporations that are aggressively embracing “Clean Energy”!

Cavallo and Associates has several partners in the SOLAR Energy field.

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China and the United States are the largest producers of Wind Energy which is highly competitive in the use of fossil fuels with the USA producing more electricity then any other country in the World with this “Clean Energy” platform!
The problem that the WIND industry faces is more aesthetic because of the size, the amount of land that it takes up for these huge Turbines to generate meaningful amounts of ELECTRICITY. There are manufacturers presently designing these towers without the actual turbines. The industry is always investigating ways to make the technology lighter, faster, and more efficient but the problem as is with anything new is the financial outlay for R & D.

Cavallo and Associates has several partners in the WIND Energy field.

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